A Unique Vanity

To replace a vanity unit on a small budget, have fun upcycling items from your house. It will definitely bring some character to your rental’s bathroom!


Wooden Worktop & Backsplash

Wooden worktops are incredibly popular, but what kind of backsplash should you associate it with? Here are 10 backsplash ideas to give character to your kitchen…


Display Your Travel Souvenirs

Do you have a lot of travel souvenirs in your home? Think about displaying them together as a collection, one that will certainly bring style to your décor!


Walk-in Showers: What Flooring?

The walk-in shower is a popular choice for today’s bathrooms. Which flooring should you choose when renovating a la Italienne? Here are 5 materials…


Outisde In

As winter approaches, the time draws near to store away the garden furniture. But here’s an idea; invite it inside! Ideas on how to make it work with your décor…


Wine Crates: Without Moderation

In the upcycling trend which is so popular amongst DIY enthusiasts, wine crates gain a new life in decoration. They bring an authentic and elegant touch to interiors.