A Soapy Surprise

What about giving that extra little bit of attention to your guests by making them a special home-made soap? Here’s an easy DIY for making your own soapy-surprise bars...


Creative Candlesticks

By upcycling objects from your home through simple and low-budget DIY projects, create elegant candlesticks to bring warmth to your rental during the holidays.


A Luminous Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a must in your rental to celebrate the holidays. Why not make one yourself with a string of fairy lights? Here is how to do it...


A Unique Vanity

To replace a vanity unit on a small budget, have fun upcycling items from your house. It will definitely bring some character to your rental’s bathroom!


Wooden Worktop & Backsplash

Wooden worktops are incredibly popular, but what kind of backsplash should you associate it with? Here are 10 backsplash ideas to give character to your kitchen…


Display Your Travel Souvenirs

Do you have a lot of travel souvenirs in your home? Think about displaying them together as a collection, one that will certainly bring style to your décor!