Kitchen Splashback Makeovers

7 solutions to give your rental’s kitchen splashback a modern makeover without having to break old tiles. Low-cost-do-do-it yourself alternatives...


A More Spacious Bedroom

If your rental’s bedroom is small, enlarge it using decorative tricks that are bound to add virtual m2 to your space. Discover how…


Create Your Own Terrarium

Bring nature inside your home by creating your very own terrarium. Needing little upkeep, this tiny garden is ideal for decorating rental spaces.


Space-Smart Office Nooks

Make use of your rental’s small unused spaces to install a desk for your travellers. Draw inspiration from these 20 ingenious layout designs.


Stick to Your Appliances

Customise your rental’s washer and dryer for under 10 dollars using adhesive vinyl. A fast and easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.


Space-Saving Beds

You have a studio and think that there’s not enough space to install a real bed? Here are some retractable and comfortable solutions for your guests.