Immaculate Garden Furniture

Here are some tips on how to use all-natural products to clean, whiten and polish your rental’s white plastic garden furniture (PVC or resin).


Cleaning the Washing Machine

For your rental’s washing machine to keep going, it’s important to maintain it. There are certain rules that should be followed; read on for tips and techniques…


Mint Condition Teak Furniture

Teak degrades with harsh weather and sun exposure. So, how then can you maintain your garden furniture? Tips on how to clean and renovate this exotic wood...


Germ-free Bathroom Tiles

Variations in temperature and humidity in the bathroom can cause blackened and/or mouldy tile joints. Here’s how to clean and whiten them…


Whitening Stained Pillows

Don’t throw away your stained pillows. There is a simple and effective way of returning them to their original bright white. To the washing machine!


Fresh Smelling Laundry

Fresh smelling household linens exude a sense of cleanliness. Here are some old-fashioned tips so that the laundry in your rental always smells good.